Let Them Eat Selfies

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I’m glad that it is now socially acceptable to take funeral selfies. I’ve been planning to choke a few people out and would like to commemorate the event.



With the overwhelming amount of selfies flooding social media, it is laughable that anyone would be upset about Kim K. posting a picture of her post baby booty.

kim k

In a piece from Teen Vogue, Psychologist Jill Weber, Ph.D., warns of the self-esteem damage that can occur from the constant posting of one’s well lit, filtered and properly angled photos. She, who is probably old and doesn’t get it, proposes that the attention gained from “likes” and comments can become linked to one’s self-esteem. The posters can feel really good about themselves when the attention is positive, but negative attention (or no attention at all) can send them off the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Good points bitch, but here’s the thing. The world is full of saboteurs. Frenemies who lie in wait for you to be on your worse behavior then CLICK!

Click… ugly

Click… drunk

Click… fat

The power of a good smartphone is the power to immediately capture the idiocy of the people you know and streamline it to social media. So what can you do?

TAKE AS MANY SELFIES AS POSSIBLE! You have to manage your online persona. Google yourself and for every busted photo you find, post six selfies (each more ferocious than the last). Haters don’t like? Haters don’t look. I mean, come on… it’s nearly 2014. People have shit to do. Unless you’re a model or sought after celebrity, who has time to sit around and take stunning pictures of you? If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.


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